JENDAH Flat-Front-Type Bakery Oven is a modular electronically controlled oven. Independent, operator controlled top & bottom heating elements provide an optimal heat distribution over the entire chamber. Thus, it has the versatility to make it suitable for a wide range of products. This modular oven is suitable for any production capacity; the number of decks can be gradually increased as your business grows.

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1. steam device

2. Stone hearth




Electric Flat-Front-Type Bakery Oven


Standard Models-Tray Size: 460mmx720mm

Crown Height:200mm

Model No. Description Enclosure Specs Overall Dimension
Depth x Length x Height
Chamber Dimension
Depth x Length x Height
FF1001 1 Deck 1 Tray Front Stainless 700x1150x1170mm 520x760x200mm 4KW
FF2002 2 Deck 2 Tray Front Stainless 700x1150x1580mm 520x760x200mm 8KW
FF2004 2 Deck 4 Tray Front Stainless 940x1410x1580mm 760x970x200mm 12KW
FF2006 2 Deck 6 Tray Front Stainless 940x1880x1580mm 760x1440x200mm 16KW
FF3006 3 Deck 6 Tray Front Stainless 940x1410x1660mm 760x970x200mm 18KW
FF3009 3 Deck 9 Tray Front Stainless 940x1880x1660mm 760x1440x200mm 24KW