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Complying with European union safety standards , JENDAH Transparent-Type Deck Oven is a high performance oven specially designed for high volume baking, pizza, and all-purpose operations. Unique in both design and technology, the oven is not only an excellent baking solution, but also its contemporary style serves as a centerpiece for today's high-end baking industry.

Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of products. This modular oven is suitable for any production capacity; the number of decks can be gradually increased as your business grows. The steam produced is humid and instantaneous and the amount generated can be programmed according to the product being baked.

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SGS CE Approval

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Attractive Look with Contemporary Style
Transparent-Type not only delivers the ultimate performances, but also enhances your working and selling environment with an attractive look. This type is very suitable to demonstrate the baking and cooking processes for the customer in bakeries, restaurants and pizza houses, adding a distinct selling point.


Reliable Top and Bottom Heating Elements
Independent, operator controlled top & bottom heating elements provide an optimal heat distribution over the entire chamber. The resulting optimal thermal condition of the chamber uniformly transfers the heat to the products. The bottom set of electric heating elements attaches to the underside of the hearth, and the top set attaches to the ceiling of the chamber. Top and bottom digital thermostats control each set of heating elements, allowing operators to determine the ratio of top vs. bottom heat and offer infinite possibilities to adjust the oven for the baking of every conceivable product.


Precise Digital Temperature Control
The temperature control device is composed of an digital controller with LED temperature display and a stainless k-type sensor. Both the controller with 0.1 resolution capacity and the swiftly detecting sensor provide operators precise temperature control competence.


Comprehensive Control Functions
The moisture control damper, oven chamber light, and digital timer with continuous-ring, audible alarm and manual shut-off are standard to offer comprehensive control functions


Energy Saving
Because of low-thermal-conductivity insulation and precise digital temperature control, heat retention of the oven is excellent and over heating is eliminated. The heaters do not have to work all the time ,and high heat retention makes the oven to reach desired temperature in the short time. These features greatly reduce unnecessary energy wasting, saving money for the owner.

Large Supervising Window
Its door is equipped with a large window of tempered glass. This makes it easy to supervise the baking and also let operators or even customers see the baking food in the oven.







  • 220V, 380V, and 415V or customized voltages

  • 50HZ or 60 HZ

  • Power on-off rocker switch for each deck

  • Digital temperature controllers with temperature LED display and temperature-ready LED indicators

  • Sensitive K-type thermocouple sensors

  • 99 minutes digital timers with LED display and continuous ring alarm controlled by rocker switches

  • Chamber oven light controlled by rocker switches

  • Moisture control dampers

  • Stainless steel front exteriors

  • High grade Steel Chamber

  • Opening-adjustable doors

  • Large tempered surprising windows

  • Separate Steel decks

  • Fully insulated with rock wool

  • Sturdy wheel legs and lockable castors


Highly Human-Interface
& Ease of Use Control Panel