JENDAH wants you to receive the right advice and the best JENDAH products for your needs. We also want you to have the best possible installation support and service back-up. To achieve this, we work closely JENDAH experienced regional distributors. To find an expert JENDAH distributor near you, please send us a e-mail and a regional distributor will contact you.




We are looking for partnership with the foodservice and bakery equipment provider who promotes our products to end users. We understand that services are also vital for your success. Thus, we will provide after-sales maintenance assistance and service components to strengthen your goodwill. Furthermore, we will also support our partners the product manuals, promotional literature, catalogs, POS materials, and sales leads. If you are interested in selling JENDAH prodcuts, please cotnact



Our valuable experience and proprietary knowledge enable customized product development. Over the years we have worked with a wide range of customers and partners to develop customized products, such as special size deck ovens and various table baking solutions that meet specific application and/or regulatory requirements.

If you have any project or OEM business, please cotnact

ISO9001:2000 Certificate

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3D CAD Design
Our latest 3D CAD and design simulation software  allow you and us to design faster than ever, while maximizing innovation and quality to ultimately create exceptional products.

Thermal Analysis
Detailed thermal analysis and validation services are powered to design the most precise and suitable products for you.


Quality Assurance
Our extensive quality assurance program involves all employees and every phase of manufacturing. To ensure that quality is never compromised.

Cost Effective Manufacturing.
 Manufacturing is focused on providing low cost components and equipment while securing product functionality and  quality.