JENDAH Stone grill solutions ensures fast, efficient customer service, and eliminates peak hour kitchen pressure.

Meals can be prepared in the short time by an apprentice or no experience persons. This feature greatly reduces pressure for the owner. Moreover, the solutions enables restaurants to easily extend their menu choice, and satisfy diners who are now looking for healthier and more innovative dining.





  • Reliable and economical to operate

  • Compact in design, for maximum stone storage and minimum bench space.

  • thermostatically controlled to ensure a perfect stone temperature of 400°C (752°F).


The stone is precisely heated to 400°C (752°F) in the Stone grill oven. It is then removed with the oven scoop provided, and placed upon the stainless steel tray contained within the specially designed ceramic under plate. The selected food item is then placed on the stone, vegetables, garnish and condiments are placed in the side compartments of the under plate.